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Melinda's lessons based on feldenkrais & jka

These are lessons I've recorded either during my group class or workshops.  They are mixed level - some are more basic some more advanced, and there are mixed abilities in the group.  Part of the brilliance of the Feldenkrais lessons is that whatever your level of expertise, ability or experience you can gain so much from these lessons... especially if repeated, and when combined with other lessons.  The lessons are equally beneficial to ease your way out of stress or pain, or for very specific technical refinements.  (Please seek medical advice whenever necessary.  And if you would like any specific advice about any issues, or suggestions or support for your situation, I would recommend a consultation either in person or by skype.)

Some of the lessons are classic Feldenkrais, but most are my own interpretation of a number of Feldenkrais & JKA influences.

Please enjoy free access to these lessons.  Further access to the library will soon be released. Sign up here to hear how to access them soon.

The Myth of Core Stability- Workshop Preview

Lowering the head

I hope you enjoy this lesson taken from my Myth of Core Stability Workshop

I will soon be giving access to the entire workshop... register on my mailing list for interest.
This lesson was recorded in the morning of my workshop- and so some references happened before the recording started.
Do go slowly with the lesson - it's not yoga!  And please contact me with any questions..

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The Myth of Core Stability...

The Myth of the Core Continues...

Don't feel that you need to complete all the movements especially the first time you do the lesson.