The Feldenkrais Method


I'm a movement specialist.. and I work with Feldenkrais. If you haven't come across it before.. you are not the only one BUT it is frigging amazing stuff... It is not like anything else you've done.  Whatever your area of interest - whether you are a professional mover, or artist or teacher- as long as you have a body there is something in this work which can help you do what you do better, feel better, and understand yourself better.

Why is it called Feldenkrais?

It's named after Moshe Feldenkrais who developed the method (1904-1984). He developed his methodology from his immensely wide and detailed experience and knowledge of areas including child development, physics, martial arts, psychotherapy, anatomy, engineering, social and religious philosophy.  He was fascinated with how people learn, and had a deep understanding of the science we now know as neuroplasticity, decades before modern day scans. You name it he studied it and applied it to his incredibly rich method.

Feldenkrais is the study of human beings through movement. It allows for ever finer distinctions to be made towards wholeness and embodiment, and learning.

Feldenkrais uses movement and touch as a means to access deeply held habitual patterns, and through awareness allow for transformation.  Inherent in the method is the bringing together of many different areas of influence on what it means to be human- our emotions, beliefs, motivations, and physical abilities and restrictions, as well as aspects that shape us as a society or our social conditioning. 

We are not separate entities living isolated existences. Experiencing embodiment involves reconnecting not only with the disparate parts of our selves, but also connection to the environment and the people around us.


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