Weekend Workshop
to Nov 25

Weekend Workshop

The Myth Of Core Stability (part III)

A brand new workshop on Melinda's signature workshop theme..

Concerning Pain, Fear, Safety, and why you will never want to train the same way again.

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This is the third chapter of my Myth of Core Stability Workshop series. Over the years the theme, its relevance and its applications evolve and develop and that is why I feel it’s important to come back and look at it again with fresh eyes. The theme remains central to all of my work, whether with professional movers or those in chronic pain.

This weekend will be diving into the subjects of pain, protection, fear and safety, and what relevance they have to how we train or exercise, or approach healing and recovery.

There is a lot of very interesting research now around pain as a protection mechanism. It’s a fascinating topic which has a huge relationship to how ‘core stability’ is often taught which can unwittingly foster fear and protection, and therefore continue the pain patterns.

A little bit of understanding goes a long way in undoing your own pain cycles, and empowering yourself to deal with minor issues with confidence and resilience.

The weekend is the only full weekend workshop I am doing this Autumn. It gives time to discover which aspects are of most interest and relevance to the group, individual questions can be addressed, and the immersion experience is very different than a one day workshop.

I highly recommend you do both days- but one day is possible if you can’t. However- beginners should start on Saturday.

To read more about Melinda’s theory about the Myth of Core Stability see

The Myth of Core Stability

The Myth of the Core Continues

No experience necessary, beginners welcome, open to all levels of experience, including body practitioners and movement teachers.

11- 4.30 pm Saturday & Sunday

Booking required.  £140 Full weekend. (Early bird price £130.)

(One day only may be possible to book depending on numbers- contact for enquiry.)

Please note 48hrs cancellation notice required.




Melinda combines her expertise of the Feldenkrais Method, developmental themes from JKA, with her passion and expertise of self-development, intuition, and embodied learning.

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