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Sunday Workshop

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Sunday 24th February

10.30 - 1.30 pm Berkhamsted, Herts, UK

Freeing the Shoulders & Ribs

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This will be the last workshop of mine before a little break… while I work on a project of my own that I’ve been cooking for a many months now…

And I want to go out with a lovely workshop for the shoulders and ribs, something that just makes everyone feel good :)

When working with twisting, untwisting, and lengthening the spine, opening the ribs to free them for breathing, the space that allows gives a feeling of wellness unlike anything else.

All our unconscious habits of shortening, pulling and imbalance show themselves in the muscles around the spine and the ribs, pulling us into our various shapes and contortions which can go unnoticed. It is not until we really experience freedom there that we become aware of the subtle ways we constrict ourselves through our habitual ways of moving and posture, every day. Similarly restriction around the shoulder blades- which most adults experience to some degree- affects us in a myriad of ways- not just restricting our flexibility with the arms, but affecting the whole flexibility of the spine and chest, as well as the emotional state linked to our posture. In this way tension, anxieties, and uncertainties can be worked through by freeing the shoulders and the chest from the patterns we hold on a daily basis.

In this workshop we will ease our way into a feeling of space and freedom around the ribs and the shoulder blades, with gentle movement sequences and explorations from Feldenkrais and developmental themes from JKA. You will come away with feeling of freedom and a clear idea how to continue the improvement at home.

Melinda combines her expertise of the Feldenkrais Method, developmental themes from JKA, with her passion and expertise of self-development, and embodied learning.

No experience necessary, beginners welcome, open to all levels of experience. Also suitable for movement practitioners and professional movers.

Booking required. £45.

Please note 48hrs cancellation notice required

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