About Melinda

Photos Kim Watson Photography

Photos Kim Watson Photography


Hi there!  Firstly thank you for visiting my site..  This is me.. Melinda…  I'm a movement and embodiment specialist, and I work with the Feldenkrais Method.

In essence-  I can teach you to move better than you ever have, and undo years of damage from overuse injuries, not listening to your body in some way, or being disconnected. (Otherwise known as not feeling..) I can teach you how to feel more at ease in your body than you thought possible- whether you are an Olympic athlete or a stressed out entrepreneur, or trying to get back on track after an injury or years of neglect. It really doesn't matter where on the spectrum you start from- the important thing is you can make a step. I've got the full range covered (and have the T-shirts).

My background is not so linear (whose is?) but all the experiences I've had play a part in my teaching.


I've spent nearly 20 yrs working with professional tennis players and other elite athletes. I trained to play professionally myself and I still work with pro players.  Pat Cash (1987 Wimbledon Champ) has played a big part as I've been working for nearly 20 yrs!  -(I started young ;)   I coached tennis for many years, specialising in technique and movement with players coming back from injury and wanting to fine-tune technique.  Now I work mainly off-court with movement patterns using feldenkrais but my technical expertise gives me a pretty niche perspective :)   Back in the day I also worked with Greg Rusedski (former British No 1) as part of the ‘dream team’ as it was known back then..  More recently I got lucky and worked with Mike Bryan. (World No 1 Doubles Player).


I also work a lot with children with special needs… This came about when my baby nephew had a brain injury while I was in my feldenkrais training… I have written more about this in my blog- A Personal Story of Working with Children.  I did the JKA training after my feldenkrais training -  See my JKA page for more about my work with children.  Understanding development and the experiences I've had with incredible children influences all my work, even the work with athletes.  Filling in missing developmental gaps can make a huge impact on performance, whatever your age or abilities.


Re-Connection & the Body

I have an endless curiosity about people, and how we deal with the human experience.  I've worked a lot with trauma- my own and other people’s, as well as emotional and spiritual disconnection and how this manifests through the body.  It’s a question of embodiment.. the physical body is a perfect mirror for us to find our re-connection first to ourselves and then to others..  I wrote about this at length in my blog The Myth of the Core Continues.  You'll find more background of my philosophy in this blog.. (The Myth of Core Stability is one of the themes I teach a lot- but it's so much more than just about training.)

Where to find me

I live just on the outskirts of London, and I work locally and internationally with private clients, groups, leading workshops and sometimes retreats.  You can very often find me in Amsterdam- I plan to have something official set up soon but meantime you can contact me about working with me there. I travel quite a bit preferably to places with water :)  If you'd like to invite me to teach somewhere that's within reach of a beautiful beach- there's a good chance I'll say yes :)

Working with Me

If you'd like to work with me you can read more about the different ways you can here... You can come to my workshops, classes, work with me privately on a consultancy basis, or through my audio programs.. That's coming soon- for now the audio lessons are free in my audio library.

You can also check out my FAQ's ;) (if your sense of humour is intact :)

This site is a work in progress so keep an eye for different projects. Or if you'd like to get in touch I'd love to hear from you.

Melinda x