Frequently Asked Questions..


I’m not an athlete.. I sit around too much, will you still work with me?

If you have a body then I’ll work with you.

I have a body but haven’t felt my lower extremities for a while.. Do I need to work out first?

You don’t need to do anything, you can start exactly where you are, whether you are training for the Olympics or figuring out how you can get upright in less than 20 mins when you get out of bed in the morning, I’ve got it covered. It’s all good.

I’m just trying to reach spiritual enlightenment- will you still work with me?

See above- if you have a body then I’ll work with you.
If you think you have transcended the body then I’ll still work with you.  If you think the body is an illusion then I’ll still work with you.

If you have surpassed the need for a body and live purely in the head - I’ll still work with you.

What do you mean by movement? Is it like improvised dance? Do I have to be one with the trees?

No it’s not dance or improvised in that sense- but every lesson is different. Even the same lesson repeated is different the next time.  You lie down on the floor (usually) and I guide you through the sequence of movements and what to pay attention to. Sometimes it can be like a moving meditation and you feel super relaxed after- all your tension melts away.  Sometimes it’s a cross between Simon Says and Twister, and you’ll have to laugh (or cry- your choice) because the movements seem impossible or ridiculous- but somehow at the end you still feel like a graceful swan.  Sometimes the movements feel so good to do you lose track of time and get totally immersed, like a child or a dancer in the moment. And afterwards you feel like a new person- like you’ve discovered a whole new part to yourself (and you like it :)  )

What if I can’t do the movements?

No worries, you can always adapt them or I’ll help you to.  You can skip something or come back to it another time.  You can also (•gasp•) get it wrong… fucking up is an important part of the learning.

Err.. What?

Yes fucking up is the path to awakening your divinity.. or so says Matt Kahn. It’s allowed… Nay, necessary to make a ton of mistakes.  Feldenkrais used to say “Be the last one in the room to achieve it.” And “Once you’ve achieved it the learning stops.” This is about going slooow.  I tell you this shit turns everything you’ve learned up until this point on it’s head.. You are gonna love it.

How will I feel better if I cant do it?

Because it’s a about the process, the journey, the learning, the coming back to yourself. The movements are just the tools we use to do that.  You will feel better irrespective of whether you achieve it or not- as long as you RESPECT THE BODY and don’t try to force it to do something you are not ready to do.  
In any case you will be amazed the way the lessons build up and exactly what you are able to do- we are only limited by the mind.  If you do these lessons regularly enough you will constantly amaze yourself..

As in Maybe I’m Amazed? Did Paul McCartney do Feldenkrais? :)
I expect so.  So does Pat Cash (with me), and Judy Dench, Yehudi Menuhin, Ben Gurion, Peter Brook, Neil Young, Martina Navratilova..

Why hasn’t everyone heard of Feldenkrais?
Hmm.. It’s quite hard to spell?  You can make a difference, change the world one person at a time and make your friends think you're the best by telling everyone you know how amazing it is or bringing them to a class :)